Prices and Information on Piano Lessons


There are four terms per year. Each term starts in September, January, April and July. There are typically 10 lessons in each term.


For a term with 10 lessons,

Group lessons: €160 per student per term. This is the usual lesson mode in Celbridge Piano. Each lesson ranges from 30 mins to 1 hour depending on the number of students per class. Each student has their own piano and progresses at his/her own pace with an emphasis on co-operative peer learning.

One-to-one lessons: €260 per student per term. Weekly one-to-one 30 minutes lessons are only offered on an exceptional basis to advanced students, and students with diverse needs.

Ad-hoc one-to-one lessons (30 mins): €30 per lesson

Other Information

Prices above exclude the cost of learning material. It is typically €10 to €20 for a music book for each term. You will be advised on book(s) to get.

For students who join during a term, the fee is prorated based on the number of lessons remaining.

There is a Whatsapp group for news and announcements. It is required for students/parents to join the group. Please send Joseph a text through Whatsapp and he can add you to the group.

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FAQs / More information

We offer in-person piano / keyboard lessons in Celbridge, co. Kildare. Online lessons are also available for individuals who are at least of a late beginner level.

What age and level do you teach?

My youngest student started when she was 3 years old. I have a few mature students in their 60s. I teach absolute beginners to grade 8.

Why take lessons at Celbridge Piano?

Lessons are enjoyable and culminate in a student concert for each term. Students focus on playing the piano and making music instead of passing exams and note reading.

What will the pupil learn / teaching method?

The student will learn to play tunes and pieces from the very beginning. After being able to play good sounding pieces, they go on to learn to play the piano by ear on both hands. After that, they will learn to improvise i.e. creating tunes and pieces of their own. Eventually, they will learn to write down their tunes using musical notation and only then do they formally commence to “read notes” where the emphasis is on learning to read lead sheets and to create their own arrangements.

For young children, a parent/guardian will attend every lesson with the child and and learn along with the child.

For teenagers and adults, they are encouraged to undertake a project of their choice every term. Most students opt to learn their favourite piece/song.

I’m interested in online lessons

Online lessons are suited for learners who are at least of late beginner level (e.g. grade 2-3) and at least 12 years old. It is Celbridge Piano’s experience that teaching children or absolute/early beginners online is very challenging.

Where is Celbridge Piano located?

Celbridge Piano is located in Primrose Gate, Celbridge, co. Kildare for in-person students. Parking is available.