Piano Grades by Ear

A Group Piano Course for Ages 7 onwards

Piano Grades by Ear is course specially designed by Joseph Hong where each student is taken through the piano grades with an important difference: they learn mainly by ear. In traditional piano lessons, the focus in every lesson is to read notes.

From Joseph's years of teaching experience and stories from others who dropped out of piano or stopped playing, it is found that students have more fun and enjoyment when they play piano by ear. Although the emphasis is on playing by ear, students are also taught how to read notes over time.

Each class has 2 to 4 students and lasts 30 to 40 mins depending on the number of students in a class.  

Each class include activities to develop listening skills, technical skills (e.g. scales and arpeggiios) on the piano to enable students to play fluently, tunes, and note reading activities.

Piano Grades by Ear follows the Music Teachers Board (MTB) piano syllabus. There are 10 levels in total: pre-grade Introductory (grade A), pre-grade higher introductory (grade B) and grades 1 to 8.