Piano Maestro

It is highly recommended for students with ipads to learn to read music using Piano Maestro. (iphones and android phones will NOT work)

To activate your subscription on Piano Maestro, please transfer money to Joseph and send him your email address for the app. You will receive an email to activate your account on Piano Maestro.

What is Piano Maestro?

What is Piano Maestro?

Piano Maestro is an app on iPad that makes learning how to read notes fun. It is used for short durations during the classes of Celbridge Piano. Students can purchase a subscription to continue using the app at home (this is totally optional). 

Unfortunately, the app can only work on iPads that is at least iOS9 (iphones, Macs, androids and PCs do not work). 

For students without access to an iPad, they will use the app during their lessons. It is suggested that parents/students invest in a second hand iPad if they would like to continue the experience at home.

Why learn to read notes?

In Celbridge Piano, the preferred approach to learn the piano is by the rote and then by ear as it is believed that a student will be able to play his/her favourite tune by ear long after they discontinue lessons. There is also more creativity involved when playing the ear. Lastly, anecdotally, the emphasis on reading notes tended to lead to students quitting lessons or stopped playing the piano even after passing grade 8.

However, Celbridge Piano recognises that there are parents who previously learnt piano through the traditional note reading approach and would like their child to learn to read notes. Furthermore, pieces for graded exams are generally more accessible if a student learns to read notes.

In view of the above, the compromise is for students to devote a small portion of their lessons to learning to read notes in a fun manner using the app Piano Maestro.

Why Piano Maestro?

There are numerous apps available to learn note reading on the piano / keyboard fun. However, Celbridge Piano has chosen Piano Maestro after extensive research:

Subscription Cost

Subscription for the use of the app at home is OPTIONAL. You can download the app on your iPad and try it before paying for a subscription.

If you purchase the subscription on your own:

If you purchase the subscription with Celbridge Piano (for existing students of Celbridge Piano only):

One month membership is not available as there is too much administrative time involved in setting up and renewing memberships on Celbridge Piano's end. If you would like to a one month membership, please purchase the subscription on your own.

Payment Information

There will be no refunds for any membership and set up fee under any circumstances.

 Contact for more information.