Piano Journey Resources

Joseph only started recording videos in 2023 when students commented that they have found a video useful to remind them what they have learnt in class. If you think a video would be very helpful for your learning, let Joseph know and he will get a video made. But be patient!

First Steps

Part A

2 black keys tune + 3 black keys tune

Create your own back key tunes

Dog key + Cat key

Fingers song

Cat Visits Dog

Create your own Cat Visits Dog

Front door key + Back door key


Create your own Splits

Elephant key

I love Coffee (Part 1)

Create your own I love Coffee

Giraffe key + Ant key

I love Coffee (Part 2)

Floating snowflakes

Crocodile in the Nile

Create your own Crocodile 

Part B

Sunrise / Sunset

Night song


Life's Journey


Play Piano by Copying and Improvising

Level A


Sunrise / Good morning tune

Sunset / Good evening tune

Moonlight / Good night tune


Black and/or white / Agree or Disagree

Life Journey / For the Joy / How to play 1 against 2

Excitement (a.k.a Fun Fair)

Japanese Tea Ceremony / Yummy sushi

Uncertainty / Glimmer of hope

A Jig / Celtic air

Snake Charmer (v2) / Snake Charmer (v1) / Alibaba

Blues #1 (v2) / Blues 1 (v1)

One More Time

Take it easy blues / Blues 2

Level B

River of life


Play Piano by Ear

Level A

C major / A minor key

*New skill: Chord I

Hot Cross Buns: RH CDE; start with RH 3 on E; LH comps C chord

Claire de la Lune: RH CDE; start with RH 1 on C; LH comps C chord

Fais Dodo: RH CDE; start with RH 3 on E; LH comps C chord

Kings of Orient: RH ABCDE; start with RH 5 on E; LH comps Am chord

Good King Wenceslas: RH GABCD; start with RH 4 on C; LH comps C chord

Jingle Bells: RH CDEFG; start with RH 3 on E; LH comps C chord

Going Home: RH CDEFG; start with RH 3 on E; LH comps C chord

Au Claire de la Lune in F

Joseph’s Friend in C 

Level B1

D major key: F# and C#

New skill: Chord I V7 I: video; image; DF#A to C#GA; formula: bottom note goes down a semitone, middle note goes up a semitone, top note stays the same

New concept: Chord V7 I is a full stop in music

London Bridge: RH EF#GAB + D as last note; start with RH 4 on A; LH I I V I

Go Tell Aunt Rhody: RH DEF#GA; start with RH 3 on F#; LH I I V I

Old MacDonald

Pop Goes the Weasel

Long Long Ago: RH DEF#GAB; start with RH 1 on D; LH I I V I

Possible new skill: D major scale in RH: DEF#GABC#D (1231235)

Level B2

E major key: F#, C# and G#

New concept: Chord I V7 is a comma in music

New skill: playing microbeat

Skip to my Lou

Camptown Races

Oh my Darling Clementine

*Milestone: Molly Malone

Level C1

Db major: Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb

New skill: Chords I IV V7 I in BH

New skill: Macro and microbeat comping style

Twinkle Star

When the Saints Go Marching In

Yankee Doodle

For he is a Jolly Good Fellow

You are my Sunshine

*Milestone: Danny Boy

Level C2: 

Eb major: Bb, Eb, Ab

New skill: Broken chords comping style

Joy to the World

Blowing in the Wind

Happy Birthday

Auld Lang Syne

Silent Night

Level 1

F major key: Bb

New skill: pub comping style

I'll Tell Me Ma

The Wild Rover

Jolly Beggarman

Sweet Caroline (verse)

Eb major scale in RH

Level 2

G major: F#

Whiskey in the Jar

Galway Girl

Fields of Athenry

Irish Rover

Dirty Old Town

Parting Glass

The Town I love so Well


Technical Projects

Level A: Pre-grade introductory

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Level B: Pre-grade higher

Exercise 1 / how to play exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3 (detailed video) / Exercise 3 

Level 1

Exercise 1

B major scale

C major scale in contrary motion, 2 octaves

C major scale HT, 1 octave

A harmonic minor scale HT, 1 octave

C and A minor arpeggio, 1 octave, HS

Five finger exercise

Level 2

Visual scales

Level 3

Visual scales

Level 4

Visual scales

Technical exercise 2

Level 5

Visual scales