Video Resources

Joseph only started recording videos in 2023 when students commented that they have found a video useful to remind them what they have learnt in class. If you think a video would be very helpful for your learning, let Joseph know and he will get a video made. But be patient!

Play Piano by Copying and Improvising

Level 0

2 black keys tune

3 black keys tune

Crocodile in the Nile


I love tea - part 5 and 6

Floating snowflakes


Rainbow colours

Sneaky ape

Chinese Lanterns

Level A


Sunrise / Good morning tune

Sunset / Good evening tune

Moonlight / Good night tune


Black and/or white / Agree or Disagree

Life Journey / For the Joy / How to play 1 against 2

Excitement (a.k.a Fun Fair)

Japanese Tea Ceremony / Yummy sushi

Uncertainty / Glimmer of hope

A Jig / Celtic air

Snake Charmer (v2) / Snake Charmer (v1) / Alibaba

Blues #1 (v2) / Blues 1 (v1)

One More Time

Take it easy blues / Blues 2

Level B

River of life


Play Piano by Ear

Level A

C major / A minor key

*New skill: Chord I

Hot Cross Buns: RH CDE; start with RH 3 on E; LH comps C chord

Claire de la Lune: RH CDE; start with RH 1 on C; LH comps C chord

Fais Dodo: RH CDE; start with RH 3 on E; LH comps C chord

Kings of Orient: RH ABCDE; start with RH 5 on E; LH comps Am chord

Good King Wenceslas: RH GABCD; start with RH 4 on C; LH comps C chord

Jingle Bells: RH CDEFG; start with RH 3 on E; LH comps C chord

Going Home: RH CDEFG; start with RH 3 on E; LH comps C chord

Au Claire de la Lune in F

Joseph’s Friend in C 

Level B1

D major key: F# and C#

New skill: Chord I V7 I: video; image; DF#A to C#GA; formula: bottom note goes down a semitone, middle note goes up a semitone, top note stays the same

New concept: Chord V7 I is a full stop in music

London Bridge: RH EF#GAB + D as last note; start with RH 4 on A; LH I I V I

Go Tell Aunt Rhody: RH DEF#GA; start with RH 3 on F#; LH I I V I

Old MacDonald

Pop Goes the Weasel

Long Long Ago: RH DEF#GAB; start with RH 1 on D; LH I I V I

Possible new skill: D major scale in RH: DEF#GABC#D (1231235)

Level B2

E major key: F#, C# and G#

New concept: Chord I V7 is a comma in music

New skill: playing microbeat

Skip to my Lou

Camptown Races

Oh my Darling Clementine

*Milestone: Molly Malone

Level C1

Db major: Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb

New skill: Chords I IV V7 I in BH

New skill: Macro and microbeat comping style

Twinkle Star

When the Saints Go Marching In

Yankee Doodle

For he is a Jolly Good Fellow

You are my Sunshine

*Milestone: Danny Boy

Level C2: 

Eb major: Bb, Eb, Ab

New skill: Broken chords comping style

Joy to the World

Blowing in the Wind

Happy Birthday

Auld Lang Syne

Silent Night

Level 1

F major key: Bb

New skill: pub comping style

I'll Tell Me Ma

The Wild Rover

Jolly Beggarman

Sweet Caroline (verse)

Eb major scale in RH

Level 2

G major: F#

Whiskey in the Jar

Galway Girl

Fields of Athenry

Irish Rover

Dirty Old Town

Parting Glass

The Town I love so Well


Technical Projects

Level A: Pre-grade introductory

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Level B: Pre-grade higher

Exercise 1 / how to play exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3 (detailed video) / Exercise 3 

Level 1

Exercise 1

B major scale

C major scale in contrary motion, 2 octaves

C major scale HT, 1 octave

A harmonic minor scale HT, 1 octave

C and A minor arpeggio, 1 octave, HS

Five finger exercise

Level 2

Visual scales

Level 3

Visual scales

Level 4

Visual scales

Technical exercise 2

Level 5

Visual scales

Play Piano by Reading

Only Celbridge PIano students/parents can access the links to Musescore. You need to provide your tutor with your email so that you can be added to the Musescore group to access the links.

Level 0

Stepping out by Alan Bullard: Primo; Secondo for playalong

Allegro by Jurriaan Andriessen: Learn Primo only; Secondo for playalong

Emerald Isle: Learn Primo first; Secondo for playalong

Level 1

B: Andante Cantabile by Antonio Diabelli: Learn Primo only; suggestions to learn Primo; Secondo for playalong; 

A: The Irish Washerwoman: Learn Primo first; Secondo for playalong

A: Any two of the following:

Level 2

A: Gavotte by G.J. Gossec arr. Haywood: Secondo; Primo

C: Donkey Ride by Elsie Wells: Secondo first; Primo

C: Camptown Races arr. Hall

Michael Finnigan: Learn Secondo first

Lullaby by H. Scull

Level 3

B: Graceful Dance by Adam Carse: Primo; Secondo

A: Allegretto Op. 149 No. 25 by Antonio Diabelli

B: All Through the Night arr. Hall

C: Ten Green Bottles arr. Hall

A: Norwegian Dance No. 2 by Edvard Grieg, arr. Hall

A: Courante by Elsie Wells

Level 5

C: Atholl Highlanders: Learn Secondo only; Primo for playalong 

C: Casey Jones: Learn Primo first; Secondo for playalong

C: Spanish Dance Op. 12 No. 2 by Moritz Moskowski

Level 7

A: Clementi

A: Diabelli

A: Kuhlau

B: Petite Suite by Debussy

B: Dolly Suite by Faure

B: Slavonic Dance by Dvorak

MTB reading skills grade 1/instructions

Level A

Frere Jacques

Barcarolle by Joseph